How do I add Automatic Rules to my Campaign?

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Automatic rules can help you as an advertiser to optimize your campaigns for better spending performance, according to predefined conditions you set.

Auto Rules can be set from the "Report by app" screen, by clicking on "Add Automatic Rule" button.

Available rules:

  • Auto Daily Budget Increase - You can set this rule to increase your campaign's budget automatically when it reaches predefined spend throughout the day, based on your settings.
  • This rule applies once a day, and it will generate the data from the current day in order to determine if campaign's budget should be increased in the following day. 

    Example of automated rule:
    "Increase budget by $100 if 50% of daily budget was depleted throughout the day".
    Advertiser will have to set a maximum budget and the platform will stop the rule not to spend more than the defined limit. 


You can Create, Pause, Edit, and Delete your rules by accessing the rule management table "Existing Rules".


More rules would be available soon.

* Please keep in mind that in case you have a limited daily budget, you should consider not using this rule, or adjust your daily budget accordingly.

** Late conversions can happen within 48 hours of pausing your campaign. 

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