Appnext’s New Automatic Rule: Excluding Publisher Apps

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What is the Automatic Rule? We created this in order to automatically exclude publisher apps according to the KPI's you set for the post-install events in your app

Why use the Automatic Rule? This will help you optimize your campaigns in a more timely and convenient manner

We have 'requirements' you can add when setting up a rule. Requirements are the conditions you can set to exclude publishers.

For example: "Exclude publisher's app if Total Events events are lower than 20% of publisher installs"  

How the Automatic Rule Works: You can set a minimum threshold of installs (30) you allow a publisher to deliver before deciding if you want to keep them or exclude them. The rule then will work once the first event from the set of installs is recorded

*Keep in my mind that to have a rule, you must have in-app events added to the tracking that is reported back to Appnext. These rules are applicable to CPI campaigns with post-install events only

Get Started:

  1. Click on 'Manage Campaigns"
  2. Click on the "Manage Automatic Rules" buttonManage.png
  3. Enter Rule Name (ex: Total Events, Registrations, Tutorial Views, Purchase Completed)tutorial.png
  4. Select an Action: Exclude Publishers AppexcludeTutorial.png
  5. Define and Add the RuledefineTutorial.png

Best Practice Tips:

  • To set a rule, you need at least one event recorded. Events must to be reported back to Appnext
  • For the rule to run, you will need a minimum of 30 installs
  • Leave room for latent conversions to come through - adjust attribution window. You can choose different time frames as a look-back window depending to the event
  • Check logs regularly to see which publishers have been paused
  • You can define more than ‘one ‘requirement’
  • When running more than one requirement, the publisher will have to meet all of them or that publisher will be excluded
  • To create an ‘OR’ option, go ahead create a separate rule (See below):

*If you have additional questions that were not answered here, please reach out to

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