Reporting Post-Install Events to Appnext

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Appnext Post-Install Analytics

With Appnext you can track and measure post-install events, that go beyond clicks and installs, such as in-app purchases, engagement and retention.

Post-install events data will be displayed in the Appnext platform next to each campaign in the Manage Campaigns screen and next to each publisher app in the campaign’s detailed reporting screen.

Setting up Post-Install Analytics

The process of reporting post-install events to Appnext is made of 2 steps:

  1. Setup post-installs event reporting with your tracking company (App -> 3rd party tracking).

  2. Setup a postback to Appnext for each of the post-installs events (3rd party tracking -> Appnext).

Reporting Post-Install events to Appnext Server-to-Server:

Post-install events are attributed to individual users which were acquired through the Appnext platform. In order to attribute post-install actions of specific users to Appnext’s specific publishers, running your campaign, you will need to include the ClickID value and Event Title whenever reporting post-install events to Appnext.

In order to report post-installs events to Appnext, set the following postback URL:

Reporting Post-Install events to Appnext using 3rd party tracking companies:


After adding all post event install to Appsflyer SDK on your app, go to "Media Source Configuration" and choose Appnext:

Go to In App, click the "In App Event" tab, choose "Only Appnext attributed installs in-app events” and press "Save & Close".

NOTE - By default, Appnext will provide in its report the top 5 post-install events,

If users wants to have in its report specific events (up to 5), he should choose them in "In App Events Mapping" field and press "Save & Close".

Post-Install Events are enabled now.


After adding post-install event on your app in MAT SDK, go to the “Postback URL” tab in MAT and click "Add Postback URL":

In the “Advertising Partner Postback Template” choose Appnext, then in “Postback template” choose “Appnext postback post-install event” and press Save:

Post-Install Events are enabled now.


Verify that the following configuration was done for tracking and conversion postback. Go to "Offers", add Tracking link with Appnext macro at the end of the URL (&aff_sub=xapnt1x&aff_sub2=xapnt17x) and a Postback for the Offer by going to your affiliates > Conversion Pixels / URLs:


In order to add your Event name to the postback post-install URL:

Go to your offer, press on Edit in PAYOUT field.

At the end of the page, Enable the Goals and add:

Now press on Add Goals:

And Add the Event Name:

This is how it will look once goals are added:

Now we need to add the postback post-install event:

Go to Offer page, choose as in the attached example and press save:


On Affiliate page you can see that the number of postbacks changed to 2:

Post-Install Events are enabled now.



Step 1 - Create Events:

Before sending Post-Install Events to Appnext, you must first set Adjust Tracking SDK to pass Post-Install Events to Adjust's system.

You can create new events (with tokens) on the Adjust platform, under the "Events" tab.

After your events are set up, copy the token next to each event and proceed to the next step.

Step 2 - Generate Tracking Link:

In order to pass Appnext Post-Install Events, you should add a postback to your Adjust tracking link (the link redirecting to the store).

You can create a tracking link for Appnext, on the "Apps" tab in the Adjust platform. Click on your app name and then on "New Tracker" in order to generate a tracking link.

Step 3 - add install conversion and post-install events postbacks:

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your Adjust tracking link on step 1

  3. On step 2, under "Install"; add the Appnext install-conversion postback:

  4. Under "Events" add the token for each post-installed event and the Appnext post-install events postback (callback):

    Then replace the {title} param with a custom title for your event (will appear on Appnext's platform) and make sure not to leave empty space.

  5. On step 3 (placeholders) add Appnext's ClickID macro: "xapnt1x"

  6. Copy the complete tracking link at the bottom.

See example



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