Why are Total Installs different from Attributed Installs?

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In some cases you may see a difference between the total installs you are billed for (Installs) and the amount of installs reported by your tracking solution (Attributed Installs). 
The total installs will include additional installs which your tracking solution did not report to us, but we have measured based on our device level verification system. In these cases we recognize that the user has installed the advertised app and opened it. We choose to report and bill based on the total installs so you can get a full picture of the effect of your advertising. 
(This will also help avoid cases where our publishers block specific advertising after testing the install flow and not seeing any installs)
If it is crucial for you to manage your activity on a cost per install basis as attributed by your tracking solution. You will be able to see breakdown of attributed installs and lower your bids to reach your target eCPI for an attributed install.
However we recommend optimizing towards the total install goal. If needed you can reach out and get a full list of the additional installs we measured on a clickID basis. Please note the billing will be done based on the total installs only.
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