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Advertisers can now exclude specific "sub-publishers" that are not performing well, but keep the majority of the traffic they send to these apps.

What is a sub-publisher exclusion
: When you are running a Network campaign it means that you are being served on all of our publishers' inventory, including Ad networks. You will come across with Networks that you are not performing with your offers. This does not mean that the entire network should be excluded. This feature fulfills this purpose.

Who can exclude these sub-publishers: Advertisers who already track the data for the sub-publisher. Appnext parameter for that is xapnt20x {an_subpubaid} Sub Publisher ID - The value being passed by the publisher (can change in format and length)

How Do Advertisers Block Sub-Accounts:

  1. From the 3rd party tracking company software the advertiser is  working with, they can export a list of sub accounts they  would like to block, into a text file or excel
  2. Open the “Manage Campaigns” >“Report by App” screen
  3. Select “Pause” next to the app for which the advertiser wants to block the sub account. Then you will see that the “Block sub account” popup is opened 
  4. Open the exported sub accounts list, copy and paste it into the “Block sub accounts” popup
  5. Click “Save” to save your changes

*Note: Appnext has a limit of 40 characters for the sub account ID and can accept letters, numbers and one of the following symbols: “_”, “-”, “.”.So, in a case where the advertiser sees an error message about illegal sub accounts, simply remove the sub accounts that are too long or that contain illegal characters. 

Can  Advertisers unblock Sub-Accounts. Yes! Here's how:

  1. Open the “Manage Campaigns”> “Report by App” screen
  2. Next to the app that was previously blocked, click on the link “X sub accounts blocked.” The “Unblock sub accounts” screen is then opened
  3. Have your advertiser f ind the sub account(s) that they would like to unblock by scrolling with the scrollbar or by searching it in the search box
  4. Click the “remove” icon to the left of the sub account ID of the sub account the advertiser would like to unblock
  5. Click “Save” to close the popup and save the changes


If you have any questions or you can't access this feature please contact your Success Manager or our awesome support team support@appnext.com

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