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We have recently re-designed our platform to create 2 new campaign types. We have changed the placement type on the campaigns from SDK, Network and Direct buy to Ongoing and Onboarding.

Ongoing - this includes Network + SDK (it doesn't include the below onboarding placements)
Onboarding - this includes the following placements - 

Xiaomi - Package Installer
Xiaomi – onboarding in MI store
Xiaomi - Huanbao App store
Xiaomi - OOBE
Samsung Galaxy Store India - Starter Kit
Samsung Discover: Essential Apps [Official]
Techno India
Vivo Global- Must-have page app


Please note

Old/Running campaigns will continue with the old placements and if the advertiser duplicates these campaigns, it will get the old placement types

This article will show you how to open an ongoing campaign. 

Step 1: Create new campaign

Add a Campaign Name and app to promote. 



Step 2: Choose a Campaign Type

You can choose an Onboarding or Ongoing campaign. If you want to open both ongoing and onboarding campaigns, you must open two separate campaigns. We will choose Ongoing for this article. 


Step 3: Choose a Campaign Goal

You can acquire new users or re-engage existing users

Step 4: Choose placements

You can either target all placements or choose Direct Buy to choose only the specific placements you wish to target.


Step 5: Choose targeting

You can target a custom audience, specific devices, os versions, brands & models, locations, and languages. 



Step 6: Choose a bid


Step 7: Add Creative


Step 8: Add Tracking URLs

Select your tracking partner and add your click and impression tracking URLs. 


Step 9: Activate your campaign

Select play to activate your campaign.


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