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We have recently re-designed our platform to create 2 new campaign types. We have changed the placement type on the campaigns from SDK, Network and Direct-buy to Ongoing and Onboarding.

Ongoing - This campaign type target all the placements that you already familiar with except the Onboarding placements.

Onboarding - This campaign type target the onboarding placements only - such as:
Setup Wizard - promote your app to new users during device set up when they're actively engaged.
Xiaomi Package Installer, Xiaomi OOBE And Much More!



Please note

Old/Running campaigns will continue with the old placements and if the advertiser duplicates these campaigns, it will get the old placement types

This article will show you how to open an onboarding campaign. 

Step 1: Create new campaign
Add a Campaign Name and app to promote. 



Step 2: Choose a Campaign Type
You can choose an Onboarding or Ongoing campaign. If you want to open both ongoing and onboarding campaigns, you must open two separate campaigns. We will choose Onboarding for this article. 



Step 3: Upload ICON 
If you don't see your ICON uploaded already, you can upload your ICON. 


Step 4: Targeting
You can target your users based on a OS version, brands & models, and locations.


Step 5: Add bid
We currently only support CPI campaigns in our onboarding campaigns. 


Please note

There is no option to select a creative. The creative will be the icon of the APK.

Step 6: Add your tracking URLs
Select your tracking partner and add your click and impression tracking URLs. 


Step 7: Activate your campaign
Select play to activate your campaign.


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