Setting up App-Installs postbacks in Appnext

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A postback (also known as a callback) is a server-to-server call made by the Appnext server to a publisher's server. This postback notifies the publisher of the conversion event, registered from their mobile assets.

As a publisher, you can now set up on your own postback URLs on the Appnext platform by going to App-Installs Postbacks tab on the Advanced Settings page. You can choose to add any valid values you wish (except spaces that are not allowed and prohibited symbols). 

 It needs to be 1 string and if you include more then one value, enter it in Encoded format. 

For eg. here is how Postback parameters should be added as part of Appnext urlApp link with a publisher postback value of 3 parameters:

Should be added Encoded:

*** Note: Your Postback parameters must be Unique - do not use the same value more than once ***

We will then call your Postback URL and return the entire string of the 3 parameters you mentioned in this URL.


Here you can see how to add Postback URL into your app settings in your Self Service account:

Step 1:
Add your Server base URL in the text field to continue setting your postback URL.


Step 2:
Add mandatory parameter in the text field:  

1. Postback parameter - any custom parameter (&q=) 

this is the placeholder for the postback parameters

Step 3 (optional):
You can add the following 5 optional parameters. The placeholders of the requested postback fields

2- Revenue - CPI rate attributed to the reported install (in USD)

3- Package - The package of the installed app

4- Device ID - GAID/IDFA of the end-user's device

5- User IP - IP address of the end-user's device

6- Placement ID

Step 4: 
In the preview box you will see your postback URL with all the relevant parameters you just added (along with the relevant Appnext macros).

Before saving your postback URL, you will be able to send a test to your server by clicking on the Test button. Appnext will send postbacks from the following IP address:, and Please make sure to whitelist it.

For example:
If your base URL is: “” and the custom Postback parameter is “postback”, the preview box should display: “$appnext_postbackparams$”

If the revenue parameter is also added, for example: “revenue”, the URL in the preview box will be:


The Postback URL will be activated upon saving. If you want to stop receiving postbacks you can deactivate by clicking on disable button.

It is possible to set up a different postback URL for every publisher app/website registered to the Appnext platform.

If you have any issue setting your postback URL, please contact Appnext support team,  specifying your postback URL.

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