*Updated Feature* The "Status" Column Updated & New 'Volume of Impressions' Column Added

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Brief Overview: The platform is now showing the share of impressions you are receiving from each of the publishers you are running with and the recommended bid in order to increase the amount of impressions received.

In a nutshell, what has changed?
A. Status Column: 

  1. Missed opportunities due to insufficient bid: Showing a publisher app when you are not receiving any traffic from them due to the bid being too low.
  2. Recommended bid by publisher

B. New Column:  'Volume of Impressions' 

What you need to know about the "Volume of Impressions":

  • There is now an option to filter publisher's apps according to their status: 


  • By default the report is sorted according to the total number of installs generated by the publisher 
  • Available only for SDK 
  • The share of impressions & recommended bid are calculated only for SDK
  • Available when the campaign is running

Where can you find it?

  • Campaigns dashboard
  • Report By App 

Icons & Meanings:





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