What is a Direct-Buy campaign?

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The Appnext platform operates as an open marketplace, allowing publishers and advertisers to connect directly and transparently.

Direct-Buy campaigns are app promotion campaigns, which are initiated by an advertiser, who wants to target a specific publisher, group of publishers, or apps that meet certain performance benchmarks, or other criteria (i.e. keyword in app title).

Direct-buy campaigns can be started by app advertisers in any of the following ways:

  1. Adding a "New campaign", with a specific publisher, or app targeting.
  2. Buying directly from top performing publishers, straight from the "Campaign Performance" Dashboard.
  3. Buying directly from Appnext featured partners, via the Appnext Market.

We highly encourage our publishers to invite app advertisers to buy directly from them. By sharing their App IDs, publishers can attract direct advertisers, increasing their Appnext exposure, and engaging their direct partners outside the Appnext platform.

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