Re-Engagement & User Acquisition campaign setup

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At Appnext, we support the following campaign types:

  1. User Acquisition
  2. Re-engagement

In this article, we will review user acquisition and re-engagement campaign types to ensure you have all the relevant information regarding campaign setup and targeting capabilities.

You can also view our quick video setup walk-through here:

  1. Let’s start by clicking “Create new campaign” under the Campaigns tab.
  2. Type in Campaign name and pick the app you wish to promote.
  3. In order to launch a User Acquisition & Re-engagement Campaign, click the respective tab 
  4. Define the campaign goal:
  • either User Acquisition 
  • or a Re-engage existing users 

   5. Choose the relevant placement. The default campaign placement is “network”, you can easily switch to a Direct-buy campaign, if you are interested in bidding directly for a specific publisher or app.

In the Audience section, you will be able to define your preferred device and user characteristics for the campaign.

  1. Devices - Choose the device type you would like to target. You can choose a phone, a tablet, or both.
  2. OS version - pick a minimum version supported by your app, or select a specific one, for the optimal fit
  3. Location -  You can target your users by specific continent, country, state, or city. Keep in mind that you can also exclude certain locations for any campaign.

Now, here comes the fun part

The Appnext Timeline technology allows you, as an advertiser, to finally target with context. Leveraging location, real-time and historical behavioral patterns, Appnext’s technology enables you to reach your target users when they are most likely to use your app, delivering it when it’s essential to users’ actual needs, at the right place, at the perfect moment.

Let’s see how it works.

  • Where do your active users interact with your app? At Appnext you can reach them when they are at home, at work or travelling abroad.

You can choose any of the above options, or opt-in for all of them.

  • When do your most engaged users use your app? When they are commuting to work? On a lunch break? Or, about to wrap up their day before going to sleep.

Appnext allows you to tap into users’ daily timelines, reaching them when it matters most, across different Moments throughout their day.

For example, let’s say you are promoting a food delivery app. You can focus your budget, reaching the users when they are likely to be hungry, during their office lunchtime, when they leave work, or arrive home.

Bidding options

Appnext provides CPC and CPI bidding options depending on campaign goals, and the targeting setup that we defined earlier. Re-Engagement campaigns, Places & Moment targeting are available on the CPC model only. If you’re interested exclusively in User Acquisition, you’ll be able to use either the CPI or the CPC bidding model.


Set the desired bid for your campaign. Keep in mind that it has to be competitive to reach the widest audience possible.

Campaign Budget

Type in your daily campaign budget target. Please note that the campaign will be automatically paused once it reaches 90% of its daily budget. 

Click on Next and let’s setup your creative assets

Name your creative in a way that will make it easier for you to recognize.

The App title will be fetched from the store. Choose Call-To-Action text from our list to attract new users, or text to attract existing users, depending on your campaign goal. You will then be able to see an example of your ad on the right side of the screen.

We will pull your apps’ creative assets from the store, but you can always change them by uploading new ones.

Click on Next


If you want to run a UA only, CPI campaign, you will need to update your Tracking link and your impressions URL. Both are mandatory.

If you want to run a UA only, CPC campaign, you will need to update your Tracking link. The Impressions URL is optional.

For Re-Engagement Campaigns, using CPC your Tracking link is also mandatory. Updating the Deep link URL and the Impression URL is optional.

Once you’ve completed all of these steps - Campaign, Tracking and Creative assets setup - you are ready to go.

Feel free to ask any questions, reaching out to our customer success and support teams. We’ll be happy to help, and will be available at

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