Out of Store Installs

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In some cases, some installs might appear as they were made via different kind of stores (apk, stores that are not Google Play such as MiMarket, Oppo store, Indus store, etc.)

Please note that Appnext does not control the final link to the store. The attribution company who supply the tracking link is responsible for this redirect, not Appnext.

Here at Appnext, we work only with advertisers whose tracking links direct the user to either the Google Play or App Store only (Android or iOS accordingly). This is part of our commitment to our publishers users experience.

There is a scenario in which a user will click on a link directing them to the store but will be directed to an alternative app store (on Android). This can occur if the device has an alternative store app installed, making it the user’s choice whether to redirect to alternative store or not, without any control from our end.


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