Creative Guidelines for your Appnext Ads

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We all want to attract more users to install or re-engage with our app. A great creative can assist this cause, and greatly increase CR (conversion rate).

But what is a great creative? Here are our Creative Guidelines to consider when you are uploading your creatives at the campaign setup phase:

A. Icon Image:
In most cases, it will be fetched from the store automatically, so there’s no need to change it, but if you decide to do so, please use a 512x512 in JPEG or PNG image formats. Use an image that would make it easy for your users to recognize your app.


B. Landscape Image:
This part is really important so here are few things to consider when creating this important image. Size; The best size is 1200x628 in JPEG or PNG image formats. Make sure to upload high quality, clear image, that will not get blurred, with a limited amount of text in it, and no Call-To-Action button embedded in it. A CTA button on the image itself would take attention away from the ad Call-To-Action button as well as make it hard for us to utilize the wide image in new, more appealing, ad units.


Text: You can combine a limited amount of text in your landscape image. A rule of thumb is that no more than ¼ of your total image size should be text. Make sure to use proper language and localize text to fit global markets. This is a “must-do”.
Colors & design: Use a clear, well recognizable, good-quality image. Keep it adjusted within the size limits to allow it to fit different ad units, keep it simple and always think “mobile-first” when you design your image. It’s always a good idea to use attractive color combinations. Localize design to fit global markets.


C. Video Asset: Your video duration should be a minimum of 15 seconds and maximum of 60 seconds. Please upload an MP4 video file (up to 100MB). If your video is not in MP4 format, you can use our Video Converter and convert it. Use the guidelines for animation and text mentioned above. No CTA buttons, use quality, clear video and localize content & language to fit global markets


In General:

  • Ads must not constitute, facilitate, or promote illegal products, services, or activities.
  • Ads must not promote products, services, or content that are inappropriate, illegal, or unsafe.
  • Ads must not include inappropriate use of language or hate speech, including content that attacks people based on their race, ethnicity, nationality, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, gender, or gender identity, or serious disabilities/diseases.
  • Ads must not include inappropriate images including images of sexual nature, nudity, or excessive cleavage.
  • To start with, upload a maximum of 3 Creative Sets. That way you can analyze the performance properly and then take the steps forward
  • Always take advantage of seasonal promotions such as Ramadan, Christmas, Black Friday, etc in order to refresh the Creatives and attract more users, like the example below:

The last thing - Always do A/B testing to ensure you are using the most effective creative assets.

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