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At Appnext, our partners’ interests are one of our top priorities. 

In some cases, some campaigns might be suspected of posing a risk to apps and publishers using the Appnext platform. As a result, the platform may auto-pause certain campaigns. 

If one of your campaigns had been auto-paused, you should receive a detailed email explaining the reason for this action. Please do not re-activate it before reviewing the following reasons and making sure the issues have been fixed first:

  1. Significant low conversion rate - 

A significant low conversion rate usually can indicate a tracking issue. Since a proper tracking solution is mandatory in every CPI campaign, you must make sure that your tracking solution (whether you are using 3rd party tracking using one of our partners, or our tracking SDK) is properly setup prior setting your campaign live. In any tracking implementation difficulties - feel free to contact our


  1. The link doesn't direct to the right app in the store -

According to our T&C's all campaigns must lead the users to the store without any delays and can't be redirected anywhere except for the specific app you wish to promote. In case the final URL does not direct the user to the app page you are promoting, the campaign will be paused. A few possible reasons might cause this, please review and make sure this is not the case:

  • You have defined an app in the Appnext platform but you are promoting a local version of the app which is a separate build/package. In this case, you must define an app for each local version and set each campaign to the correct app by the targeted markets.
  • You have placed different settings (Daily Cap, Targeting, etc.) for the campaigns in an external system which are different than the settings you set for the campaign on the Appnext platform. This can cause the campaign to re-direct to a different app you have chosen as a default for these cases. You must set the exact same settings you have placed on your side.


  1. Rebrokered Campaigns -

The app you are promoting must be owned by you or you must have a direct relationship with the company who owns this app. You cannot promote any apps via the form of affiliate links or any form of rebrokering of app promotion campaigns. In the case of validation the campaign will be paused and the account owner is risking suspension.


  1. Bad user experience -

Slow response time which results in a long wait from click to appearance of the app page in the relevant store can cause a bad user experience. Please check the speed of this flow.   


Please keep in mind that ignoring our T&C's validations may cause account suspension.

For any questions, or additional information, please contact your dedicated Success Manager, or our Support team @

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