Optimal Setup and Optimization Tips

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Optimal Setup and Optimization Tips

The ideal setup of your campaign should be the following:


The perfect flow is to target your campaign in a broader inventory and, at a second stage, begin to drill down in the funnel.

Start with a wide targeting like OEM CHANNELS, SDK, or a NETWORK campaign and, at a second moment, after analyzing the performance of the publishers, open a direct buy for the best performing placements at a higher rate.

As overall tips for successful campaigns, we would recommend the following:

  • We recommend you to customize the bids per placements to get constant and higher exposition to traffic
  • For placements who present the best performance, it is recommendable to open a Direct Buy campaign with a higher bid
  • Instead of pausing a placement, it is always preferable to decrease this placement’s bid.

That way you can achieve optimal exposure to traffic while also reaching your KPIs

  • Pay attention to ad placements with very low volume –your CPI bid might be below the minimum required for this placement and as a result your campaign won’t get served.

If that is the case, potential actions would be both to increase the bid and/or to expand the windows of attribution

  • Monitor the status of the placement inside the campaign page. You’ll find great tips!

For example, maybe you can increase the bid to achieve a better position or to reactivate the placement after your campaign got out of serving

  • Focus on all in-app events to improve optimization – although monetary events matter the most, prior events will help you evaluate each ad placement’s behavior and also detect early signs of quality. 
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